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Workshops: All Ages

Give the gift of ART!

2017 Gift Certificates

Looking for a special gift? An ArtisTree Gift Certificate is your answer! Give the gift of ART!

Artful Meditation Retreat

This one-day retreat will integrate traditional mindfulness practices with the creative arts.
ages: Adults, 16+

Beautiful and Gutsy Brushwork

Discover how varied techniques in brushwork can bring new interest and meaning to your paintings.
ages: Adults, 16+
Tuesdays & Thursdays

Carving Plaster Sculpture

Learn the fascinating subtractive process of carving as you create your own sculpture.
ages: Adults, 12+

Compose Great Paintings en Plein Air

Learn to find a great composition outdoors in ArtisTree’s beautiful surroundings.
ages: Adults, 16+
Four-day Workshop

Creative Rites of Passage

Is it time for a change? Join us for a creative and transformational experience.
ages: Adults, 16+
August 17 & August 18

Experimental Watercolor Inspired by Nature

Learn unconventional techniques that give rise to wonderful, surprising and unique results.
ages: Adults, 18+
Tuesday & Wednesday

Exploring the Floral Theme in Watercolor

Paint fresh summer flowers in the studio and get inspired to try new watercolor techniques.
ages: Adults, 16+
Four-day Series

Expressive Arts Workshop Series

Express yourself through the exploration of artistic mediums and guided class discussions.
ages: Adults and 16+
Saturday, Once Monthly

Family Clay!

Enjoy time as a family in this fun clay class for all!
ages: All ages welcome
July 22

Intro to Caribbean Steel Drums for Adults

Learn how to create the rhythmic and soothing sounds of the Caribbean steel drum in this energetic group class.
ages: Adults
July 22

Intro to Caribbean Steel Drums for Kids

Discover the Caribbean sound in this jammin’ workshop.
ages: 9-12

Introduction to the Chakras: A Yogic Interpretation

Learn how opening the chakras may bring clarity, positivity, high energy, balance and more.
ages: Adults, 10+
August 15

New Surfaces for Watercolor

Love working with watercolor paper but want to bridge onto other surfaces for a new experience? Join this engaging workshop!
ages: Adults, 16+
Saturday, June 17

Plein Air Painting Teacher's Workshop

In preparation for the VINS Third Annual en Plein Air Painting Festival, ArtisTree and VINS have partnered to offer a workshop for art teachers. This year VINS seeks to invite greater student participation in the plein air painting competition and inclusion in the exhibition.
ages: Adults
Third Sundays

Soul Drumming

The rhythm of the djembe calls! Join this informal percussion session to fill your spirit and connect with others.
ages: Adults, 12+
July 29 & July 30

Steps to Classic Outdoor Painting

Come develop your skills in painting en plein air in this workshop for experienced outdoor painters.
ages: Adults, 12+
August 5

Sumptuous Sari to Stunning Scarf

Immerse yourself in the beautiful world of the Indian sari and sew a scarf to wear home!
ages: Adults, 12+
August 19

Two Pages: Writing Memoir, Abigail Thomas-Style

Find a new jumping-off point for writing personal stories in this thought-provoking workshop.
ages: Adults, 18+
Three-day Workshop

Watercolor Workshop for Beginners: The Basics and Then Some!

Try the amazing medium of watercolor in this supportive, informative & fun class.
ages: Adults, 16+