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Workshops: All Ages

Give the gift of ART!

2017 Gift Certificates

Looking for a special gift? An ArtisTree Gift Certificate is your answer! Give the gift of ART!

Artful Meditation Retreat

This one-day retreat will integrate traditional mindfulness practices with the creative arts.
ages: Adults, 16+

Beautiful and Gutsy Brushwork

Discover how varied techniques in brushwork can bring new interest and meaning to your paintings.
ages: Adults, 16+
Tuesdays & Thursdays

Carving Plaster Sculpture

Learn the fascinating subtractive process of carving as you create your own sculpture.
ages: Adults, 12+

Compose Great Paintings en Plein Air

Learn to find a great composition outdoors in ArtisTree’s beautiful surroundings.
ages: Adults, 16+
Four-day Workshop

Creative Rites of Passage

Is it time for a change? Join us for a creative and transformational experience.
ages: Adults, 16+
August 17 & August 18

Experimental Watercolor Inspired by Nature

Learn unconventional techniques that give rise to wonderful, surprising and unique results.
ages: Adults, 18+
Tuesday & Wednesday

Exploring the Floral Theme in Watercolor

Paint fresh summer flowers in the studio and get inspired to try new watercolor techniques.
ages: Adults, 16+
Four-day Series

Expressive Arts Workshop Series

Express yourself through the exploration of artistic mediums and guided class discussions.
ages: Adults and 16+
Saturday, Once Monthly

Family Clay!

Enjoy time as a family in this fun clay class for all!
ages: All ages welcome

Have Fun with Sticks: Build a “Wattle” Woven Fence in Your Own Yard

Transform pruned branches into useful, attractive garden fences you will enjoy for years to come.
ages: Adults, 5+
Saturday, May 6

Hypertufa Garden Planters

Create beautiful rustic and textured planting containers using your own hypertufa mix.
ages: Adults, 14+
July 22

Intro to Caribbean Steel Drums for Adults

Learn how to create the rhythmic and soothing sounds of the Caribbean steel drum in this energetic group class.
ages: Adults
July 22

Intro to Caribbean Steel Drums for Kids

Discover the Caribbean sound in this jammin’ workshop.
ages: 9-12

Introduction to the Chakras: A Yogic Interpretation

Learn how opening the chakras may bring clarity, positivity, high energy, balance and more.
ages: Adults, 10+
August 15

New Surfaces for Watercolor

Love working with watercolor paper but want to bridge onto other surfaces for a new experience? Join this engaging workshop!
ages: Adults, 16+
May 10

Painting Sunsets with Global Campuses

Learn about painting watercolor sunsets in this class with Global Campuses participants.
ages: Adults, 16+
Saturday, June 17

Plein Air Painting Teacher's Workshop

In preparation for the VINS Third Annual en Plein Air Painting Festival, ArtisTree and VINS have partnered to offer a workshop for art teachers. This year VINS seeks to invite greater student participation in the plein air painting competition and inclusion in the exhibition.
ages: Adults
Sundays, March 26, April 23 and/or May 14

Restorative and Yin Yoga

This yoga series seeks to promote deep relaxation and meditative awareness.
ages: Adults, 14+
Third Sundays

Soul Drumming

The rhythm of the djembe calls! Join this informal percussion session to fill your spirit and connect with others.
ages: Adults, 12+
July 29 & July 30

Steps to Classic Outdoor Painting

Come develop your skills in painting en plein air in this workshop for experienced outdoor painters.
ages: Adults, 12+
August 5

Sumptuous Sari to Stunning Scarf

Immerse yourself in the beautiful world of the Indian sari and sew a scarf to wear home!
ages: Adults, 12+
Saturdays, April 22 & April 29 or May 6 & May 13

Taster Class: Getting Started in Mosaics and More

Learn the basics of mosaic-making and take home your very own completed piece!
ages: Adults
August 19

Two Pages: Writing Memoir, Abigail Thomas-Style

Find a new jumping-off point for writing personal stories in this thought-provoking workshop.
ages: Adults, 18+
Tuesdays, May 2 and 9

Underpainting in Watercolor

Explore the two-stage process that pushes you to leave more whites, achieve darker darks and layer vibrant colors to achieve maximum brilliance.
ages: Adults
Three-day Workshop

Watercolor Workshop for Beginners: The Basics and Then Some!

Try the amazing medium of watercolor in this supportive, informative & fun class.
ages: Adults, 16+
Saturdays, February 11, March 11, April 8 and/or May 13

Winter Clay Workshop Series

Explore a different ceramics technique in each of these four workshops.
ages: Adults, 16+