South Pomfret, Vermont
802 457-3500
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July 17-July 21

VINS Peeps: Up in the Air!

Join us as we partner with the Vermont Institute of Natural Science to delve into the art and science of flight.

ages: 4-6

Discover the art and science behind flight this summer! During this exciting week, our professional educators will lead campers on incredible explorations of the creatures that flap, flutter, soar and buzz through the sky. From the canopy of a towering tree to a fragrant flower-filled meadow, campers will investigate the lives of these aerial acrobats while participating in hands-on activities and fun games. Each day’s explorations will be enhanced by Purple Crayon Productions’ expert art educators who will guide campers through art projects that build on the theme of the day.      

VINS offers AM and PM Peeps camps.  VINS: Pomfret Pioneers camp runs 9am-12pm prior to VINS: Up in the Air!  Children ages 5+ invited to sign up for both sessions.  Supervised lunchtime between AM and PM sessions is available for an extra fee of $20.

Session Schedule Register
July 17-July 21

Monday-Friday, 1-4pm.  Friday session is held at VINS Nature Center.

July 17-July 21
Call: 802 359 5000, or go to the VINS website to register.
VINS and ArtisTree Instructors
Friday drop-off and pick-up is at VINS Nature Center.
for 5 days