South Pomfret, Vermont
802 457-3500
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July 31-August 4

VINS Peeps: Micro World

This VINS camp will take campers on a journey to unveil the amazing micro worlds of nature only visible through magnifying lenses.

ages: 4-6

Guided by our expert instructors, campers will inspect the fragile beauty of an insect wing, get an ant’s eye view of the world and observe the beautiful and tiny parts of a flower. Expert art instruction from Purple Crayon Productions will help campers harness their imagination and create their own tiny ecosystem, elf village, or whatever they can dream up. These exciting opportunities to survey nature under a magnifying glass and microscope will give campers an appreciation for the many discoveries possible in the great outdoors.

VINS offers AM and PM Peeps camps.  VINS: Circles of Life camp runs 9am-12pm prior to VINS: Micro World.  Children ages 5+ invited to sign up for both sessions.  Supervised lunchtime between AM and PM sessions is available for an extra fee of $20.

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July 31-August 4

Monday-Friday, 1-4pm.  Friday session is held at VINS Nature Center.

July 31-August 4
Call: 802 359 5000, or go to the VINS website to register.
VINS and ArtisTree Instructors
Friday drop-off and pick-up are at VINS Nature Center.
for 5 days