South Pomfret, Vermont
802 457-3500
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August 7-August 11

VINS Peeps: Curious Critters

Campers will have a blast learning about their favorite animals during this week of outdoor discovery.

ages: 4-6

Each day we’ll explore a theme based on different native vertebrate groups: mammals, fish, birds, amphibians and reptiles. This camp gives children the opportunity to learn about the characteristics of these animals through art projects, games, outdoor exploration, stories and live animal encounters! Using their imagination and natural curiosity, campers will begin to understand what makes each animal unique and appreciate the special adaptations they need to survive in Vermont.

VINS offers AM and PM Peeps camps.  VINS: Anybody Home? camp runs 1-4pm following VINS: Curious Critters.  Children ages 5+ invited to sign up for both sessions.  Supervised lunchtime between AM and PM sessions is available for an extra fee of $20.         

Session Schedule Register
August 7-August 11

Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm.  Friday session is held at VINS Nature Center.

August 7-August 11
Call: 802 359 5000, or go to the VINS website to register.
VINS and ArtisTree Instructors
Friday drop-off and pick-up are at VINS Nature Center.
for 5 days