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Tuesdays, May 2 and 9

Underpainting in Watercolor

Explore the two-stage process that pushes you to leave more whites, achieve darker darks and layer vibrant colors to achieve maximum brilliance.

ages: Adults

Learn the technique of underpainting: the first layer of color laid down on the paper surface that is then glazed over with subsequent layers of paint. The masters used to refer to this technique as “grisaille” (which referenced a greenish-grey undertone used in oil paintings). With watercolor, we use different color variations for this technique. It is done in two stages: a tonal underpainting that focuses on value, and then a series of glaze colors to build up local color, light and shadow. It’s a great technique when trying to take on more challenging subjects. You’ll be pushed to leave more whites and be able to achieve darker darks and richer colors. You will learn more about specific paint colors and how to mix colors on the paper as well as on the palette. Because watercolor is transparent, this technique is perfect for layering vibrant colors to achieve maximum brilliance. Watercolor at its best!

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May 2 and 9

Tuesdays, 10am-2:30pm

May 2 and 9
Margaret Dwyer
for two 4 ½-hour workshops