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Saturday, July 15

Tea Ceremony and Kimono Demonstration

Experience the iconic Japanese traditions of the tea ceremony and the kimono.

ages: All Ages Welcome

Join us for this special opportunity to experience two Japanese traditions: the beautiful kimono and the tea ceremony. The kimono (着物) has become established as one of the more recognizable elements of Japanese culture. This traditional form of dress can embrace many different styles and purposes and is still in use in modern Japan. The tea ceremony — called “chanoyu” or “chado” in Japanese — is at once an art form, a spiritual discipline, a way to socialize, and a window on Japanese culture. Practiced for more than 450 years, this unique way of sharing tea has spread around the world. Come and learn more about these two traditions with artists from Kobe, Japan. 

For more information about the ArtisTree Japanese Arts Festival, click here

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One-hour demonstration

Saturday, 2-3pm

July 15
Kamu Arts Instructors
Free! (donations appreciated)