South Pomfret, Vermont
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Scott Miller

Documentary Photographer & Filmmaker
Scott is a documentary filmmaker and photographer, with diverse professional and teaching experience.

Scott Miller is a documentary photographer and filmmaker originally from Vermont and Kenya.He has extensive international field experience, having completed photographic and ethnographic projects in Kerala (India), southern Spain, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Queens, NY.  Scott also worked on the Global Video Letters project in the South Bronx, NYC, teaching young people to make and share visual stories about their lives.

Scott also completed a participatory documentary film entitled Our Global Campus working with adults with developmental disabilities in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.Currently Scott is the Digital Media Instructor at the Vermont Folklife Center, working with at-risk populations and students around the state producing documentary projects.Scott holds an MA from The New School (NYC) in International Affairs and Ethnographic Studies, and a BA from Boston University in Philosophy.