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Oct 18 5:30-8:30pm

Musical Theatre Master Class: Singing for Actors

Develop your vocal technique and interpretive skills in this professionally-led workshop.

ages: Adults, 14+

In musical theatre one of the most important aspects of performance is clearly communicating the message of a song across to the audience. But this skill is not as easy to master as it seems. This class is designed to help performers learn to connect character and intention in song to help clearly portray its meaning. We will break down songs to get into the mind of the character and discover what they truly want and why. In addition to working on the content of songs, we will work on incorporating good vocal techniques into performing such as proper breathing and vocal placement. Along with performance practice we will also focus on the importance of vocal health as a performer and how the rehearsal process works during a musical.

This master class will be taught by theatre professionals who are involved in ArtisTree’s Musical Theatre Festival.  For more information about the festival, see

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One-day Workshop

Wednesday, 5:30-8:30pm

October 18
Paul Wyatt, Christina Carlucci, and Josh D. Smith
for 3 hours