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Monday, November 27

Moving with Your Chakras

Let music, movement, and imagery guide you toward self-awareness and wellness.

ages: Adults, 14+

In many Eastern traditions, chakras are our inner energy centers that align along the spine, from root to crown. These centers have color and vibration and lots of movement when they are activated. The word “chakra” means “wheel” in Sanskrit and the image used for our inner chakras is circular, moving in a clockwise direction. Keeping our chakras open and flowing is essential for wellbeing. For some, this might be unconscious, yet to bring this process into conscious practice deepens the awareness of self, and is downright fun!

In this workshop we will use breath to center and focus ourselves within. Then, we will engage the chakra meanings and colors with specifically-chosen music to motivate the chakras in expressive motion, otherwise known as dance. The range of motion involved will be completely up to you. It might be very small and subtle, or large and spacious. You will be guided by spoken word and imagery. For closure, we will integrate in a manner similar to Shavasana at the end of a yoga class. Leave both relaxed and invigorated with something new to practice at home. All are welcome; no prior experience required!

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One-day Workshop

Monday, 6-8pm

November 27
Tracy Penfield
for 2-hour workshop