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Saturday, October 28

Can You Hear Me Now? Getting the Most Out of Your PA System

That PA system sounds okay, but try as you might your music never sounds its best…

ages: Adults, 14+

Is your PA system always feeding back? Is your audience struggling to hear you? Whether you are a musician or work in a band, learn how to make that PA system sound great. We’ll start out with the basics: inputs, outputs, microphones, mixer channels, amplifiers, speakers, and the cables that connect them. By the time you leave, you’ll have a solid understanding of levels and how to set them for best performance, how to troubleshoot when something’s not working, and more. Other mysteries we’ll demystify include: equalizers, compression, mics and mic technique, decibels and gain. This year we’ll cover iPad/computer control using a Behringer X-18.

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One-day Worksop

Saturday, 10am-4pm 

October 28
Bob Merrill
for 5 hour workshop