South Pomfret, Vermont
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August 17 & August 18

Experimental Watercolor Inspired by Nature

Learn unconventional techniques that give rise to wonderful, surprising and unique results.

ages: Adults, 18+

Capture the essence of nature in this interactive workshop. Nature’s bounty will not only inspire us as subject matter but will be used as materials as well. We will begin our experiments with layering leaves and vines, pouring paints and choosing colors wisely. You will practice interacting with the painting, as opposed to fully controlling it, giving rise to wonderful, surprising and totally unique results. Loose, organic beginnings with unconventional techniques will evolve into finished work as we incorporate more traditional techniques—glazing, negative painting and more—in the latter stage of the painting process. The elements and principles of design will be addressed throughout as we push and pull the composition together in a meaningful way. Your end product will be a mysterious blend of representational hints within an abstract setting.

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Two-day workshop

Thursday & Friday, 1-5:30pm

August 17 & August 18
Margaret Dwyer
for 2 days