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July 17-July 21

Draw Like a Jedi: Aliens, Droids and Monsters

Head to our galaxy far, far away and create drawings inspired by the fantastical robots and aliens of Star Wars.

ages: 9-14

Let’s draw those fantastic inhabitants of the Star Wars universe. Spend the week developing the skills you need to make amazing sci-fi art. Learn how to simulate a variety of skin and fur textures to make your creatures more lifelike. Create believable droids with shiny—and grimy!—surfaces. Use the rules of perspective to draw scenes that pop off the page! You’ll have opportunities to work with a variety of media including drawing pencils, technical pens, markers, colored pencils and charcoal. Draw your favorite Star Wars characters in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

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July 17-July 21

Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm

July 17-July 21
Luke Eastman
for 5 days