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July 24-July 28

Creating with Magical Stones and Beads

Learn to design jewelry, accessories and decorations using some of our earth’s semi-precious and magnificent stones.

ages: 9-12

Join in the magic of creating jewelry, accessories and decorations with some of our earth’s magnificent stones. You will use natural materials such as semi-precious stones, leather and feathers to make a variety of projects using the techniques of beading and wire-wrapping. We’ll begin by learning the basics of construction and design, and as you get more comfortable and confident you will create your own jewelry, alternative wind chimes, dream catchers and more. You’ll learn how to wire-wrap stones to create pendants and how to tumble the raw stones that you find outdoors. We’ll even explore the special properties and “powers” of certain gemstones so you can create pieces and projects with specific purpose and intention if you wish to do so.

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July 24-July 28

Monday-Friday, 1-4pm

July 24-July 28
Claire Kawski
for 5 days