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ArtisTree Blog

Interpreting Our Dreams

Discover a new way to interpret your dreams with this process created by Eugene Gendlin PhD.

Spring Transitions

Notes from the ecopsychological expressive art work-bench

Digital Transformations

There are a great many art apps available for your phone or tablet. I know because I use several of them! Here are some examples of digital transformations of my artwork.

Revival of the Past: A Love Story of Pixels

Creation is the key to happiness in any size, shape…or pixel.

The Beauty of MUD

Celebrate color, anticipation, and transformation at ArtisTree's annual MUD (season) show now through April 30.

Precious as Gold

Maple Sugar Weekend

Get Creative with Flowers this Spring!

With flower season just around the corner, learn how to brighten up your interior space with these creative and inspiring floral arrangement ideas.

Digital Doodles

Fiona, ArtisTree's Ceramics Director, has blogged about ways to build your art practice and the importance of a sketchbook in that process. You can use your phone, tablet or other handheld device as a sketchbook. Here's how I use mine...

Fun in the Sand

Notes from the expressive art’s work-bench: how to make a sand tray

March is (now) Women’s Art History Month

Let's recognize those throughout history who have built pathways to greater equity in the art world. Let's also recognize that there is a lot more work to be done.