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ArtisTree Blog

YAY! LETS MAKE SEED BALLS (Whatever they are)

Clay seed balls were an ancient tradition in which seeds for the next season's crops were mixed together, with soils and compost then rolled in clay to form small balls.

Searching for a Stapler: Inspired Art

What happens when you can't find your stapler, but find several bottles of nail polish instead?

Creative Visualization

Learn from basic creative visualization techniques to use in your everyday life.

Window Light Portraits

Winter is a great time to for window light portraits.

Fiddler on the Roof!

Fiddler on the Roof will be ArtisTree Theatre Company’s inaugural show. The story is rooted in family and community, which is the foundation and heartbeat of this company.

How To Make A Gnome

Bring some fun to your holiday and create these spirited little gnomes!

Up-Cycle Vinyl

Sorting and weeding out your vinyl records? Turn your rejected records into rejoiced pieces of art. Here are some great ideas.

Homemade Holiday Gifts

Learn how to make beautiful handmade gifts for your loved ones this holiday.

Kids Click with Digital Photography

Introducing kids to the magical world of digital photography

Cartoon Caption Contest Round 11!

The winner will receive a $10 gift certificate good toward any class,workshop or piece of artwork available here at ArtisTree!