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ArtisTree Blog

Piano Un-wound

Notes from the ecopsychological expressive art work-bench: Piano Un-wound

Head to the Hills this Autumn and Explore Sculpture

If you’re planning an afternoon out to enjoy the foliage this fall, consider visiting SculptureFest 2016 in Woodstock, VT!

Painting with Nature!

Get Arty Outdoors

Guided Imagery: A Mini-Vacation for the Mind, Body & Spirit

Learn more about how guided imagery can influence our physical and emotional states to bring about healing and greater inner peace.

A Taste of Rain

At Saturday's annual Taste of Woodstock event, we got a taste of rain. But it didn't dampen our spirits!

Nature Unbound

Art and nature are cropping up in all sorts of ways this summer.

"By the Sea, By the Sea, By the (Terrible) Sea..."

Planning to artfully explore summer's oceans and shorelines? The "beach" as we know it today is a relatively recent invention.

Podcasts for Inspiration

I love podcasts and I listen to a great variety of them. I love them whilst I am working in the studio. Here are a few of my favorites that pertain to the arts.

Keep Them Moving: Photographing Authentic Childhood Moments

Create authentic portraits by photographing children while they are on the move

Digital Tools

In my digital art process, I use an Apple Pencil, a Pencil by 53, a simple stylus pen, and my finger. Allow me to demonstrate these digital tools. Perhaps this will allow you to make an educated choice on what you'd like to use in your digital art practice.