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ArtisTree Blog

Meet Paul Ruscak

Paul Ruscak is a Violin Instructor and Freelance Musician, and we're very grateful that he's teaching at ArtisTree.

The Mastermind Behind the Artist’s Way

Learn about Julia Cameron, the mastermind behind the worldwide bestseller, "The Artist's Way."

Stay a Little Longer

Enjoy the beautiful grounds and trails easily accessed from ArtisTree’s back door.

Guerrillas in our Midst?

Exploring Street Art

Plenty of Giggles to Go Around

Sounds of the workplace...

The Versatile and Friendly Coil!

using coils to build functional and decorative pieces from tiny to huge.

Pinwheels for Peace

Join in the celebration and spreading of World Peace! Join people of all ages from all around the world in taking a break from the hustle and bustle of life to celebrate who you are, what you are a part of and who you want to be!

"Small Change" a Jazz Inspired Tom Waits tribute band.

"Small Change" a Jazz Inspired Tom Waits tribute band.

Artistree's Budding Creative Arts Therapy Program

Learn all about Artistree's budding Creative Arts Therapy Program with an in-depth personal interview with Kathleen Dolan, founder and executive director of Artistree.

Five Reasons to Play with Clay

Working with clay can provide some surprising benefits to your child’s development.