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ArtisTree Blog

Artistree's Budding Creative Arts Therapy Program

Learn all about Artistree's budding Creative Arts Therapy Program with an in-depth personal interview with Kathleen Dolan, founder and executive director of Artistree.

Five Reasons to Play with Clay

Working with clay can provide some surprising benefits to your child’s development.

Cracking the Books on Book Arts

A short introduction to the genre of Book Arts with links to image galleries.

Expect Fun!

This years Summer Fest in Woodstock ensures fun for the whole family!

The Humble Pinch Pot

The multi-purpose pinch pot.

Interview with Emily Burkholder

Come on in and get familiar with one of our favorite children's art and music instructors, Emily Burkholder!

An Interview with Flat-Top Guitarist Doug Perkins

An early morning skype interview with Doug Perkins, by Mark van Gulden.

Bird Nests DIY Art Project for Kids

Learn how to make your own DIY Bird Nests, based on an art activity from our latest "Fun in the Forest" Camp.

ArtisTree's Blossoming Music Program

New music programs gain momentum!

Cartoon Caption Contest: Round 4

Try your hand at this one!!