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ArtisTree Blog

Music and Young Child Development: Why Music Rocks!

Children are naturally interested in music, and music is naturally good for children.

A Little Dab'll Do Ya (Notes On Miniaturist Art)

Notes On Miniaturist Art

And how does that make you feel?

Warm? Elated? … Nostalgic. That’s how Katie Runde’s artwork makes me feel.

Katie Runde is a local artist that has the special touch to paint farm animals. When I look at her artwork, it takes me back to a time and place that’s gone. The barn is gone. The chicken coop is gone. The pigpen is gone. And almost, the memories are gone. Those buildings…

Oh! What a Slab Can Do!

rolled out slabs of clay can be used to make all sorts of pottery

Get Inspired

As fall sets in you may find yourself captivated and inspired to create in order to hold onto the warmth of color for years to come.

Meet Paul Ruscak

Paul Ruscak is a Violin Instructor and Freelance Musician, and we're very grateful that he's teaching at ArtisTree.

The Mastermind Behind the Artist’s Way

Learn about Julia Cameron, the mastermind behind the worldwide bestseller, "The Artist's Way."

Stay a Little Longer

Enjoy the beautiful grounds and trails easily accessed from ArtisTree’s back door.

Guerrillas in our Midst?

Exploring Street Art

Plenty of Giggles to Go Around

Sounds of the workplace...