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ArtisTree Blog

Cartoon Caption Contest Round 7

Try your hand at this one and you could win a $10 gift certificate to ArtisTree!

The Pottery of an Extraordinary Man: Bernard Palissy

A french Renaissance potter who developed a line of pottery now known as Palissy ware. He was a multi-talented artist who was also a hydraulic engineer and practical scientist.

Gifts for Teacher

Honoring Teacher with simple pleasures is the truest gift one can give.

Rae of Light

Diana is taking the Painting in Acrylics class with Rae Newell, artist, teacher, and a ray of light.

Cartoon Caption Contest Round 6!

As featured in the April 24th issue of the Vermont Standard! Try your hand at this one for a chance to win a $10 gift Certificate!

The Creative Brain

Learn about the latest neuroscience research findings on the creative brain and how it can inform your own creative process.

Process-focused Art: 5 Ways to Inspire Your Child's Creativity

Want your child to get the most of making art? Let them create art in their own way and at their own pace.

MUD (season)

The annual MUD (season) Exhibit! It is the PERFECT time for locals to get out of their homes, into their cars and through the mud to visit with and enjoy the work of their neighbors.

Behind the Scenes

An interview with Purple Crayon/ArtisTree's founder and chief visionary, Kathleen Dolan, to commemorate the art center's 10 year anniversary.

Mud Season, Peepers and Clay.

Mud Season brings thoughts of spring and peepers so let's make some!