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Wavy Work

Posted on Aug 25, 2017 by Diana  | Tags: digital art, digital doodling, Diana Mellar, procreate app, Enlight app, Layout app  | Comments (0)

I often post pictures of my work on social media. Recently a friend asked me how I got that wave effect in some works that I posted. What great timing of the question, given that my blog is due at work... ;) So I thought, I'll show you!

Here are some examples that show how the works have progressed. 

  And here is how you do it.

The result. (For now...)

abstract art  

Here are some other examples.

abstract art

abstract art

I highly encourage you to give digital art a try. You'd be surprised at what pours out of you. 

Thank you for watching.

Diana Mellar

Diana Mellar is the Administrative Manager at ArtisTree Community Arts Center.

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