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Summer Time Reflection

Posted on Aug 17, 2017 by Artistree  | Comments (0)



Notes from the ecopsychological expressive art work-bench: Summer Time Reflection 






Sown Spring seeds have rooted and risen forth towards the light.


we reach with easels and paintbrushes

with fairy houses and theater performances

with penciled ideas and clay figurines


with snuffling muzzles attempting to understand creativity in ourselves and the world around us:


I stop-


to give thanks to all who share in producing

our garden of creativity, this Summer:


some have creatively reached far-

like the sunflowers randomly sown betwixt the vegetables

or the wild asparagus amidst the field grass




 others have ripened and are ready to be picked.


I send a special thank you to all who supported this community

growing, learning, creating

and healing



Just as we have a bounty to harvest in our hearts and minds and overflowing community gardens


May we also remember those who have come before us and have passed on….




May our memories of them inspire us to carry on:


Planting, growing, learning, creating


– a bit more lovingly

and soulfully

and non-judgmentally

with each other


so that future generations can do the same as we

 if not better.





Ben Fox LCMHC intermodal ecopsychological expressive art therapist & art educator at


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