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Summer Swimming

Posted on Jul 20, 2017 by tayo  | Comments (0)

"Summertime is always the best of what might be. " - Charles Bowden

In Vermont, summer is always too short and each sunny warm day is cherished. What I like to do most with my kids on sunny days is take them swimming.  We swim as much as possible, and love to go to local lakes, rivers, pools, waterfalls and ponds. I also love to take swimming pictures and capture memories of our aquatic adventures.  I don't own a waterproof camera, so it is a bit risky taking my camera along but the risk is usually worth the images captured.

A few water photography tips:  

- Set your camera to a high shutter speed to capture splashes and ripples in the water.

- Bring a zip lock bag to keep your camera in and leave your most valuable lenses at home.

- Use high vantage points and take pictures from above from a dock or rock looking down on your little swimmers.


- Water is a mirror and can create interesting reflections, use that to your advantage.

Let's hope for many more summer swimming days!

 Blog contributed by Emmy Fox, Photographer and mother of two in Barnard, VT. Learn more about Emmy's work on her website.

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