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Taking That Digital Doodle Further

Posted on May 24, 2017 by Diana  | Tags: digital art, digital doodling, Diana Mellar, PaintJoy app, Enlight app, SuperPhoto  | Comments (0)

Hi Everyone!

Let's take the image created in my last video blog further. First, we'll save the image in PaintJoy to my computer.

And let's open the image in Enlight, where we'll start with rotating and cropping it. 

An urban filter on a blossoming tree? Yes!


Here are some ways to further manipulate the image using an urban filter.

The "duo" filters offer some great options to enhance your image.

Further enhance your image by doing some more adjustments. I decided to increase the warmth of this image.

 And the "clarity" feature in Enlight offers some interesting choices.

One final touch that I like to apply to many of my images is the "smooth" filter in SuperPhoto. 

Here's the PaintJoy piece:


Here's the image after editing in Enlight.


And lastly, here's the image after I applied the "smooth" filter in SuperPhoto.


Thanks for watching this video blog. I love sharing my work and process with you. 

Diana Mellar

Diana Mellar is the administrative manager at ArtisTree.


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