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Creative Kids: An interview with Jacob and Gracelyn.

Posted on Apr 28, 2017 by tayo  | Comments (0)

Contributed by Fiona Davis, Director of Ceramics at ArtisTree.

Jacob and Gracelyn have both been coming to ArtisTree for clay classes since the studio opened in South Pomfret. Together we have worked through hand building and wheel throwing projects. It is always interesting to see what is produced and how those projects can differ.

Project: Creating a Pitcher

What did you think when we decided on this project?

We liked that we got to decide jointly on the project.


Did you have an immediate idea about how to approach it?

Yes for most of it.


How do you feel about working from a plan?

Well, we prefer not to have a plan, but Fiona wants us to have an idea of how to make it come together.


Did using a template make you less creative?

No. Having the template for the pitcher was helpful and let us think more about the decoration.


What happens when a project doesn't come together the way you want?

We keep on going until we get it to where we want it. Sometimes we make it as close as possible and sometimes we completely change our minds anyway.


When you were making your pitcher did you think about how you were going to glaze it?

No. Unless we have been given a suggestion by our parents.


Do you like making decisions about glazing?

Its nice to choose which color goes where, but why don't they make a painting glaze that only needs one coat?


Do you like the finished piece? What about it do you like?

Jacob: Woah! I loved the way the glaze looked antique and I was pleased with the decoration. It's a great size for water and it's a good design.

Gracelyn: I like the design and how all the pitchers are different. It's a good size for gravy. I like the glaze colors I chose.


Why do you keep coming back to clay?

Because it’s awesome! Once you get started you can’t stop. You want to get better. We have so many ideas of things we want to make.

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