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Art Therapy: Websites and Blogs for Your Soul

Posted on Dec 15, 2016 by tayo  | Tags: art, blogs, design, humor, Loading...  | Comments (0)

Maybe you, like me, need a little something to give you a boost right now. From the beautiful to the hilarious--give me art of all shapes, kinds, colors, and flavors!


by Karen Rodis, Arts Programming Coordinator 

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Feeling overwhelmed?  That holiday stress creeping up on you?  In a slump?  Maybe you, like me, need a little something to give you a boost right now.


Try a dose of art.  Beautiful art.  Hilarious art.  Weird and wonderful art.  Art of all shapes, kinds, colors, and flavors.


One easy way to get a quick pick-me-up is to browse the many fascinating art and culture websites out there.  For inspiration or a breath of fresh air, check out these links.


1.  A fantastic blog is This is Colossal, which explores many aspects of art and design, including the interface between art and science.  Colossal regularly adds to its catalog of engrossing and frequently astounding posts about creative work taking place around the world.


My prescription for you:  check out this entry about two artists who poke fun at plein air painting (click here): 



2.  Want to immerse yourself in a sea of creativity?  An online version of the contemporary underground art bible Juxtapoz Art and Culture Magazine is available.


My prescription:  give your brain a break and watch artist Thomas Blanchard’s mesmerizing film of colorful interactions between paint, oil and soap (click here).



3.  If you enjoy reading about the latest news in the art world, check out Artsy Magazine.  The articles feature interesting stories (like the history of the color blue, or why we should care about emoji).


My prescription:  get inspired to break with tradition this holiday season and prepare favorite recipes from famous artists such as Frida Kahlo and Ed Ruscha (click here).  Who said lamb's brains can't be tasty?  Salvador Dalí enjoyed them raw.



4.  Finally, for beautiful and surprising images and weird and wonderful happenings, check out the brain candy at Sploid.


My prescription:  enjoy this brain-bending short film that brilliantlly disrupts our predictions about cause and effect (click here).


Give your soul a boost and have some online artful adventures. Happy exploring!


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