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The Daily Artists Then and Now

Posted on Dec 10, 2015 by Jacqueline  | Tags: daily artists, daily art practice, artistree daily artists  | Comments (0)

The ArtisTree Daily Artists are wrapping up our second year and moving into our third year.  As the group’s facilitator I thought it would be a good time to pause and reflect upon the Daily Artists evolution as a group over the past couple of years, and to discuss what is to come in year three in 2016.

             The group originally began as the ArtisTree Daily Painters in January 2014, with 24 local artists who committed to making art a daily practice for the entire 2014 year.  Quickly after we began I had requests from photographers, fiber artists, ceramic artists and digital artists to join the group, so we decided to change the name to ArtisTree Daily Artists. The year included making a completed piece everyday and posting weekly to the groups Flickr page, in addition to an assortment of art inspired group activities throughout the year. The main struggle and triumph for creating a daily piece of artwork was that artists had to make these creations to fit into their busy lifestyles, which meant working on smaller pieces, rather than longer and more in depth creations. The group ended with a finale showing in the ArtisTree Gallery last January 2015.

Here are a few photos from that opening reception:

Artwork by Katie Runde

Artwork by Lynn VanNatta

 Artwork by Ira White


             In February 2015, we embarked on the second year of the ArtisTree Daily Artists with nearly double the participation of 45 local artists. Additionally, year two had a different focus of working creatively daily for an entire year, but without having to create a completed piece daily. This freedom allowed artists to work on their artwork daily, which meant working on single pieces for days, months or even throughout the year. This subtle shift allowed artists to deepen and expand upon their daily art practice, while working creatively on pieces daily. This year artists have been working daily and posting their progress weekly to the group Flickr page. The special addition this year was to add an Artists Share, featuring three different Daily Artists, who presented their creative process to the group every six weeks throughout 2015. These Art Shares provided an inspiring platform for artists to reflect upon and present their artistic process, which inspired and enriched the group. We will wrap up our second year on February 2016, with a finale show in the ArtisTree Gallery exhibit from January 22nd through February 6th. The opening reception for the exhibit will be on Friday, January 22nd from 5:30-7:30pm.

Check out some samples of work from this year’s group:


Artwork by Luna Skeet-Browning

Artwork by Chris Jacobson

Artwork by Liliana Paradiso

What’s to come moving forward into 2016? The group will move in its third year beginning February 2016 through February 2017.  In year three the group will blend year one and two, in which each participant will focus on working creatively everyday, in addition to a ONE MONTH commitment to creating a completed piece everyday. A group of artists will sign up for one month in the year in advance, and will end the month with a group debrief and art share. The group will continue its weekly Flickr posting to the group page, and its Art Shares every six weeks. That’s what in store for 2016 in the Daily Artists.

Already planning your new years resolution of making art a bigger priority in your life?  Interested in becoming a Daily Artists in 2016? Visual artists of all disciplines are welcome to join. Then contact J.J. directly at to register directly. If you are interested in meeting Daily Artists and getting an idea of what’s to come in 2016 then come to our exhibit January 22nd-February 6th.





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