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Snow Pinecones- How-To

Posted on Dec 02, 2015 by Artistree  | Comments (1)

After an unseasonably warm fall I am now ready for snow, which may be why I was drawn to making these snowy holiday decorations. They are a fun and easy-to-make ornament that even the littlest of holiday enthusiasts will enjoy making. 

What you will Need: Pinecones, Glue, Paint Brush, Epsom Salts

1. Collect Pinecones- This is really my favorite part! It is a great way to get children involved and spend some time outdoors. For an added challenge, search for different types of cones collected from hemlocks, pines, tamaracks and fir trees. We have many white pines in our yard so we quickly found enough to fill our bowl.

2. Clean off any pine needles stuck to the pinecones with sap.

3. To add snow to your pinecones, hold a cone carefully, and brush glue over tips of scales. 

4.Then, roll your cone in a container of epsom salts.

Once dry, they are a festive addition to a wreath or a pretty tabletop decoration. To hang them in a tree, try hot gluing a wooden bead to the cone and stringing some twine through the bead.

What decorations do you and your family enjoy making?  If you like to create handmade decorations and gifts, don't miss ArtisTree's  Holiday Gift Making Workshops .


Blog by Emmy Fox. Emmy Fox is a photographer and mother of two. She has a certificate degree from Tufts Univeristy in museum education. 

Comments (1)

  1. Diana:
    Dec 03, 2015 at 10:00 AM

    Lovely photos and a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

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