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Things Are Looking Up ~ Autumn Reflections

Posted on Oct 24, 2015 by Diana  | Tags: autumn, looking up  | Comments (1)

I like to bring my iPod along when I take a walk because, historically, when I'm without a camera, that's when get a close-up encounter of an eagle or some other magical creature. As my only working camera, I carry the iPod in my pocket hoping to capture a special moment, or capture some inspiration for my artwork. Since carrying a camera, no eagle has crossed my path, but I've certainly found inspiration.

Perhaps the best time of the year to take a walk is during the autumn season. I mean, nature is rolling out the red carpet for you.

red carpet

But enough of looking down. During my autumn walks, I want to look up!

peeking through trees

I love to see the sun shine through the leaves. It warms my soul.

trees waving

As I look up this hill and notice the trees lining the field's boundary, I see their branches waving at me, greeting me as I enter. It's either that, or they're hitch-hiking, looking for a ride of their own. I'm sorry though, you can't have a piggy-back.

along the field

I don't know if I can pick a favorite fall color. I'm in awe at how the sun shimmers off the yellow leaves, but I also love the grounding feeling that the red and rust colors provide.

deep in the woods

I like to go deep into the woods and surround myself in the brush and look up. It's so interesting to see how the evergreen and deciduous trees intersect and create a brilliant canopy, and yet the sun still finds its way to peek through.


Walking down one hill, I can see over to the other ridge, and imagine myself roaming those woods. That's next.

x marks the spot

The autumn sky is amazing. Perhaps it has a deeper blue hue because of the colors on the ground. I don't know! But I look up to see this. The X marks an important spot, reminding me that I belong here. Right here, right now.

river rocks

I make sure to find time to sit and reflect near water during my autumn walks. This time is valuable for me to unwind and appreciate life. I see magical things, like how the light beams from above and plays on top of the water. 


I can smell the smoke before I see it. Peeking up and over an embankment, I see, and smell, the familiar sign that I'm home. It's early evening, and time to go in.

apple pie

And enjoy an apple pie, made from scratch by my Mom, with our own apples. Now imagine this aroma, after coming in from a brisk and cool walk.

As I reflect upon this, my favorite time of year, I realize that all is well. Really. Truly. Good. Beauty and abundance surround me; love and gratitude fill me. I am definitely inspired, and things really are looking up.

Thank you for reading.

Yours truly,




Comments (1)

  1. Kathleen Dolan:
    Oct 25, 2015 at 04:56 PM

    Gorgeous photos, Diana!

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