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ArtisTree Blog

What is Color Psychology?

Learn about how color psychology effects us in everyday life.

5 Inspiring Instagram Photographers

5 photographers whose magical pictures of their families keep us visiting their feeds again and again.

Introducing: Three NEW Teachers at ArtisTree this FALL!

Learn about three new teachers that will be offering classes and workshops at ArtisTree this FALL!

Wavy Work

Diana was recently asked about how she did those "waves" in recent works that she published on social media. The answer is so simple! Here's how.

Summer Time Reflection

Notes from the ecopsychological expressive art work-bench: Summer Time Reflection

Summer Swimming

"Summertime is always the best of what might be. " - Charles Bowden

Does importing a fan brush open a can of worms?

Yup. It does. A can of fuzzy, spotted, and squiggly worms.

Hypertufa Pots for your Garden

Making hypertufa pots for your garden is a great way to gear up for summer planting.

An Interview with ArtisTree's new Theatre Director Chris Flockton

ArtisTree’s new Theatre Director talks about his acting career and ArtisTree’s new theater program.

Taking That Digital Doodle Further

In Diana's last video blog, she doodled a blossoming tree in the PaintJoy app. Here, she demonstrates what the Enlight app can do to that image.