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Wednesdays 6-9pm

Academic Drawing

Sharpen your skills in representational drawing in this first of four classes in the atelier method.

ages: Adults, 15+

This is the first course in a cumulative four-class series for anyone serious about sharpening skills in representational drawing and painting. No prerequisite drawing or painting ability is necessary, only the patience to take on a healthy, rewarding challenge. The courses will be loosely-based around the academic, or atelier, method, and will follow tried-and-true techniques from the studios of the masters: copying the plaster cast, learning to draw and paint sight-size, recognizing a range of tones, and painting the figure. This method helps to simplify the barrage of variables that go into capturing an image in paint or pencil into manageable steps.  

A formal painting atelier begins with a solid year of drawing. In this course, we will speed through principles of form, proportion, tone, and composition to build and/or deepen drawing skills. The aim of this course is to explore the range of tonality to the extent that one begins to draw not so much with lines, but with light. Students may take this as a stand-alone class without committing to the entire four-class series.

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Session 1

Wednesdays, 6-9pm

September 13 – November 15
Katie Runde
No class on September 27 or October 4.
for 8 weeks